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Antiques Furniture Ceramic-teapots

Pieces loved for generations and passed down....purposeful, yet, sentimental pieces with a story.  Made at a time when craftsmen truly took pride in their work, each, one of a kind. Our passion is to share our love of antiques with you, always doing our best to bring you a beautiful selection of varying styles, sizes and price ranges. These often include pieces having French, English, Dutch, German or American origins and dating back as far as the late 1700's. If you have specific needs in style or size, we will be happy to assist in your search.  

 For the Love of Antiques.......

    "I love the things

   that have history...

  the things that were

  well used, but also

       well cared for."



    We were introduced at a young age to admire and appreciate furniture with a "history".

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